Busy, busy, busy!

Dear Friend,

I do not know where to begin to tell you about my week. I can’t remember if I had time to actually realize I am breathing (I was that busy).

I’m not kidding, here is my Tuesday schedule:

8am – 10am : Red house practice.

10am – 11.30am: Prepare lunch, print out handouts, shower

11.30am – 12.30pm: Sejarah meeting

12.30pm – 6.45pm: School – That particular day I had 7 periods out of 10.

6.45pm – 7.45pm: Dinner & Shower

8pm – 10pm: TFM Christian Fellowship

In between my free time, I have 3 classes of English diagnostic test to mark. I decided to the attend the Christian Fellowship because I manage to finish marking 1 class. I’ll tell you more about it in another post.

Yesterday was worse. I am the head teacher for Kadat Remaja Sekolah. The whole day I felt like throwing up because I had to conduct the AGM for roughly 150+ members. I would love to share with you how it went, but currently my brain is screaming, “You need to shower Juan!! It’s 11.20 P.M. I need to sleep”

And yes, I just got back home too, after a long day. Today was the cherry on top of the cake. I barely had time to sit. We have to pass up our record book. I was running up and down to get it stamp and juggle 6 periods at the same time. And my dear students wanted to hand in their PIBG money and t-shirt money. I’m afraid to open my files because of the amount of money I am holding.

After school, I rushed to TFM office. We had our second initiative meeting. What is that? Ahemmm. Stay tuned.

My weekend. Ohh dear, don’t let me start on that. But I do have something interesting that happened today. Unfortunately, I lack the energy to type it. Perhaps tomorrow.

Takeaway for the day:

Find joy in the smallest things. Find joy when a student offers to help you. Find joy in the face of a student who is excited to receive chocolates. Feel the joy that┬ámy documents are still filed (It kills me to be organize but I need to be). Find joy when you chose to wish Good Afternoon to a student, even if they didn’t