Dear Friend,

It is still raining. It didn’t stop. I wonder what is troubling the sky..or could it read the sadness on our face that it decided to feel with us too?

Anyway, I made a student cry and another student sad today. If you’re in form 1, you would know the poem ‘Sad I ams.’ The poem is all about sadness. Duh!

So I asked my class, have you been sad? They all replied “Yes.” One particular student replied, “Yes!! Everyday!” Her answer caught my attention. I thought maybe she dislike coming to school. So I probed further. “Why are you sad, everyday?” She replied, “Because of my mother. She doesn’t take care of me.”

There was an akward moment of silent in the whole class. My head warned me “Juan, that is a teritory you’re not capable to enter yet. Back off!” So I did. Usually I’m a rebel. I do everything my head tells me not to do.  This time, I knew it was not the right time.

So I said, “We all face all kinds of sadness. Some of us are sad because our parents don’t care about us. Some of us are sad because our friends always pick on us… but the question is, how do deal with sadness?”

I went on talking about the author of SAD I AMS who channeled his sadness through this poem and used his students as his inspirations.

I showed a video of the poem. As they were watching, I read the poem out loud. When I was done, two students had tears in their eyes. 

That’s when I realized how much I missed poetry. I missed writing poems. I miss listening to people reciting a poem. It’s breathtaking.

Teaching poetry though is not easy but it seems exciting.  My next task is asking them to draw what the poet is saying. 🙂

These are the days where my heart is full. Because I wasn’t teaching knowledge. I allowed my students to explore emotions. When you don’t explore and hold your emotions, you have a tendency to become numb.

Okay! Next Class! 


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