Dear Friend,

I wanted to tell you that I love the rain. I still do but today, the rain was angry. Probably we didn’t give it much credit, so it said, “naahhh,  maybe now you will appreciate me..” and it poured non-stop from morning till now.

So the first blow for today is, I realized I left both my umbrellas in my car. I hoped the rain would stop by the time I left for school, but nope, it got heavier and heavier. That’s when I realized my room was leaking from the window. Second blow of the day.  I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry, because I already have so much going on on my plate, what’s one more, right?

I snapped a few pics and sent an SOS text to my landlord, hoping the problem can be rectified soon because I need to sleep on a dry bed. 😦

I packed my school bags and opened my front door and saw a stream of water. I already felt drizzles. Just for your information, I am staying at a 12th floor apartment. I took tiny steps hoping not to splash anything on my baju kurung. I Thank God my laptop bag was water proof. Only during these times you appreciate the little things in life.

When I reached the ground floor, my car was parked about 80m away. The rain was heavy. I took a deep breath and while carrying 3 bags with me, I ran in my Baju kurung fiercely. I pictured myself running through life fighting every hurdle. Yes I am dramatic like that.

 I stopped near the management office, realizing this wasn’t the best idea also for a break before I run through the next chapter. Then I ran again. I opened my car door, chucked my bags. My hair was dripping,  my shoes were disgusting to walk in.. and here’s the best part, my car key was missing. 

Lord, what is this? I asked. Some kinda joke? Well it ain’t funny. I talked to myself, frustratingly.

I ransacked my purse, and I was thinking there’s a chance I need this go back up to get it. Well at least my umbrellas are with me, I thought to myself. And I finally I found my keys, stuck in one of the zip. I started my car, and embarked on a journey to safe Malaysia through my classes. :p With all these feminist rally going around, let’s infiltrate the system from within.

My streak of bad luck wasn’t over. I reached my school and for some reason it was so crowded. I went up to my usual parking spot and it was gone. 😦 I drove back down the hill and parked, that means I have to walk back the hill with three backs and an umbrella in the rain.

On my way I saw students all wet. But they were happy. I wondered how come I’m so bitter?  Oh yeah,  because I have to face a total 100 kids today. Being dry helps.

Takeaway: Thank God it’s just rain and not cow dunk. I don’t want to be wet and also stink at the same time.

I have another story to tell you. But I have to stop here, I have to mark books. 

Talk to you later. :*


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