Dear Friend,

I don’t usually blog at this hour. But I am so inspired that I have to share it with someone. Would you care to listen? 

So today I assigned my students to create posters in pair. I assigned them with a student of another race and they have to come up with a New Year Poster. It can be Awal Muharam, Chinese New Year, Indian New Year or the normal New Year.

This morning, I had the inspiration to play music while they are doing their work. I decided to use music to see their behaviour also hoping they would draw some inspiration. 

To my surprise, they were quiet as they did their work (although it was group). They were so calm that I can hear what the teacher from the other class is teaching. 

The music I chose is Disney Piano Classical Music.

Here take a look..

Cheers to music for helping me today.  🙂


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