Dear friend,

Remember merentas desa? Well, I remember. I used to be super competitive because I wanted Red House to win. Strangely 14 years later, I’m exactly where I begun. 

So if you don’t know me that well, I like running.  Running teaches me a lot about life, especially when I feel like giving up. Every step whispers “A little bit more, Juan… you’ve come so far.”

So like last year, I decided to run again with my students for today’s cross country. At the starting point, one of my Chinese remove student  from last year, who is form 1 this year told me, “Teacher, I am going to run with you..”

I told her, “Don’t you want to run with your friends?”

She said, “No, I’ll follow you..”

I replied, “Alright, but don’t wait for me. Just run. Stop, if you’re tired. I will do the same..”

So we started running and running. Whenever I ran, she ran too. And I said, “Let’s run till the van.. ” … Whenever we stopped, I said, “We will walk till that tree, and we will run again..”

Halfway through, another Form 3 Malay student whom I have never taught, decided to follow us too. So the three of us ran through checkpoints, up the hill, down the hill..and towards the end, about 200 meters left, both my students left me and ran till the finish line near the field. I couldn’t keep up. They were fast.

So I made my way to the field and searched for them. They came running to me. One of them got number 24 and the other got number 17. šŸ™‚ 
Last year none of them received any number. This year though it was different.

What made the difference? No its not me. It’s them. They decided to leave their friends and join me. Sometimes, when you decide to not follow the crowd and be different, miracles happen.

Top 20 received medals. I couldn’t have been more proud of this girl here, who I journey with last year, who scolded because I might not teach after this year, who’s unique and amazing in every single way…

I was too excited, I didn’t realize my lenses were blocked.

But that is the second biggest take way for today. 

The biggest takeaway for today is that this girl, my Peralihan Chinese student decided to treat the Form 3 Malay student a drink after the run.

When I saw that, I was touched. I was touched because after a long time I see my Chinese student who never hung out with anyone other than her race buy a drink for someone of another race. :’)

Today are one of those days where  I felt like maybe.. just maybe.. I’m made to do this teacher thingy…

Cheers to sports, for bringing us all together. #1malaysia


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